Educated sellers make smart real estate decisions.

Home Seller Consulting

A unique service for home owners: a free and informative process that helps sellers hire the right listing agent for their property.

Clear Choice Consulting combines innovation and ethics to maximize the proceeds from selling your home.

Clear Choice Realtors takes the guesswork out of hiring a listing agent. We work as an advocate for home sellers to provide market-fresh information on the top selling listing agents within your home’s vicinity. This information — not available to the public — allows sellers to see how listing agents compare to one another. Sellers see which agents are top-producers, and better, sellers get to compare agents from a statistical perspective. This unique methodology brings transparency to the agent hiring process.

Best of all, our consulting services are free to home owners. We are compensated by a referral fee from the real estate brokerage who earns the listing. We act as a true advocate for the seller by procuring relevant agent stats, then let the seller choose the best agent. Sellers using CCR’s consulting service sell their homes quickly at maximum market value.

How it works

What makes this service unique is the role of the Clear Choice Consultant. We work as an advocate for the seller to help them hire the best agent available.

Houses sell quickly for maximum market value.

Step 1

Initial meeting provides sellers with current real estate sales data from the seller’s specific home area. Seller selects 3 listing agents based statistical comparison.

Step 2

The Clear Choice Consultant contacts 3 listing agents selected by the seller. Individual appointments with the agents are scheduled at the seller's home. Each listing presentation includes a CMA (comparative marketing analysis), a Net Proceeds Sheet and agent particulars.

Step 3

After the interviews the seller and the Clear Choice Consultant discuss each agent's statistics and marketing approach. Fully informed, the seller chooses the most qualified agent to list the home.

Step 4

The Consultant then negotiates the listing contract on behalf of the seller. Seller signs contract with winning agent. Clear Choice is paid a referral fee from the listing broker when the house sells.

Please contact Mitch Vogel at Clear Choice Realtors.


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